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5 Ways To Lose a Digital Marketing Client

5 Ways To Lose a Digital Marketing Client

Every business no matter what type it is struggles often times with retaining clients.  Sometimes the product or service doesn’t deliver.  Other times expectations aren’t set correctly.  Regardless of what is done, there are some things you should avoid if you plan on keeping your clients happy and continuing to work with you.

Over Promising and Underdelivering

Sales reps often times like to agree to and promise anything to get a sale which leaves internal fulfillment teams struggling to deliver anything close to what the client already has in mind.  After which, the client doesn’t trust the sales rep or the company and that is almost impossible to come back from.  If someone promises something like a specific increase in leads, ranking, and traffic within a certain period of time, it is often to good to be true.  Before choosing a digital marketing agency do some research on industry standards and pricing.

You Sell A Product That Doesn’t Work

Often times companies don’t try to be best in class in their perspective disciplines. Digital marketing regardless of what vertical is not a one size fits all effort.  A clear picture is needed of what the client has in terms of business goals and what the client’s digital assets are in order to position a proposal that will maximize the possibility of reaching business success.  Some companies will sell seo in packages which include amount of content, off site efforts, local business optimization and other digital marketing efforts.  These are not one size fits all blocks, with prices only increasing by amount of things delivered.  Ask yourself what you are going to do, why your are going to do it, what the desired result is, and how you are going to achieve the desired result.  Figure out how to refine your product offering to something that has flexibility for your target market of clients.

Lack of Deadline Delivery

If you sell any service majority of the time deadlines need to be kept to maintain good standing and keep the project moving smoothly.  Once you start falling behind, identify the pain points or your project may unravel.  Make sure all your internal teams are on the same page and tasks that need to be passed off from one team to another are done smoothly.

Lack of Communication

Communication is key in any relationship, especially maintaining a favorable relationship with a client.   If you do not communicate often times a client thinks no work is getting done on their behalf.  Also if you do not share wins regularly with the client they often times think nothing is happening.  If you do not have communication you also have no clue if a client is happy  or upset.  Client feedback is very important for the health of a business.

Underestimating Your Competition

As they say don’t sleep on your competition.  If you do not adapt what you do and the price point you do it for, someone will do it better for cheaper.  You constantly have to evolve and change with the industry.  If a company’s product offering has not changed in the last 5 years with trends, then what is delivered will not be best in class.  Constantly refine what you offer, what you offer it for, and explore emerging technologies you can expand into.  Always know who your competitors are and what they are doing because you better believe that your competitors know who your clients are.

At the end of the day just do the right things in terms of staying in touch with your clients, delivering what you promised, and the rest will fall into place.

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