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Beware Of Instagram Account Glitches

New Instagram Additions Made But Beware Of Existing Glitches

Instagram is getting better at fixing glitches, but several still exist. If you or one of your team members have multiple Instagram accounts logged in beware. Not many people have been talking about this problem, but it can be the difference between keeping a client and a client leaving and possibly taking some sort of legal action against you or your company.

The problem lies in trying to post to a selected account when having 2 or more accounts synced. Sometimes when having the account you think you are posting to selected, and actually hitting share where it will post to one of the other accounts you have synced. This personally has happened to me and some of my team members on multiple occasions. Deleting the post and trying to share again leaves you with the same result. The only way to temporarily fix the problem is logging out of all your accounts and re-logging into each one off them. The problem will comeback after a while as well so be mindful. Until Instagram fixes the problem be mindful when working on client accounts.

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