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Changes Happening At Googleland In The Coming Months

Changes Happening At Googleland In The Coming Months

As of April 21st, Google will formally be using mobile usability as a ranking factor for mobile searches. Worldwide mobile search will be affected in all languages. Google wants users to attain the content they want and have a rewarding overall experience in terms of usability both in the information a user receives as well as the overall site experience. If your website is not responsive at minimum, you still have a few months to catch up. Google has been saying that mobile usability was indirectly a factor with mobile search rankings for several months but now finally we know they are making it official. If you can recall Google has been testing smartphone icons to symbolize mobile compatibility as well as text representation in mobile search that a site is mobile friendly.

Google also has stated that as off last week they will use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. This may possibly cause content from apps being shown at a greater degree.

Another announcement that was recently made was that Google+ will be splitting up into separate standalone divisions. The coming months should involve more news about the many changes Google has planned.

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