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Fear Is The Main Barrier To Your Personal And Professional Success

Fear Is The Main Barrier To Your Personal And Professional Success

Everyone wants success and happiness in their professional and personal lives.  People often blame their shortcomings on the lack of time, energy, finances, and so forth.  The main thing that’s stopping you is pure fear.  It is the barrier to your success.  It drags you down, hinders your professional lives, and is a barrier that impacts your personal relationships as well.  Should you take the steps to grow your business, should you move to be closer to your family?  There will always be uncertainties in life before doing something big.  It either holds you back or you shatter the wall of fear and make it to the other side where you realize it wasn’t as scary as you thought.

Will Smith does a good job describing what fear is when he speaks about his experiences going skydiving.  The funny thing is, I felt the same way when I went.  He says, “the maximum point of danger is the minimum point of fear.  Your no going to conquer your fears with complacency.  I agree with Will Smith when he says skydiving is an interesting way to confront fear.  The fear lasts up to the point of no return.  Once you cross that point, you are on another level, and realize it is the most exciting feeling in life.  You have zero fear free falling.  Fear makes you second guess your decisions before you make them, and tends to talk you out of them.  Fear is your worst enemy in everything in life.  Natural fear in terms of self preservation occurs, but I’m talking about goal crushing and dream stomping fear.  The fear that causes you to sit and wonder 20 years from now why you didn’t go for it.

Like I mentioned, my experience was almost identical to Will Smith’s, but did I mention I am also afraid of heights.  My hands were sweaty, my legs were shaking, and you could clearly see the fear in my eyes.  The side of the plane opened and you stand on that last ledge looking down.  The ledge was the last ounce of fear before the jump.  Once in the air free falling, it was one of the most tranquil experiences in my life.  I highly recommend everyone go at least once in their lifetime.  The point of this post was not to show that it was about me. It was overcoming your mind and that voice deep inside saying don’t do it your business will fail, don’t go after that client he’ll say no, don’t go to that event no one wants to here what you have to say.  That voice is nonsense.  You are bigger, you are stronger, you are more determined than that whisper.  Be great and enjoy life without fear. And now enjoy me jumping out of a plane in shear terror.

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Have been in the digital marketing vertical since 2009 in which I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and brands take their campaigns to the next level. Born in Lviv, Ukraine and currently reside in the New York tri-state area. Always glad to share my knowledge on all things digital.

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