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Why Your Law Firm Needs To Hire Nova Zora Digital


There are many agencies and consultants that claim they can help your law firm, but many fall short.  They either don’t have the right experience or are part of an organization with a burn and churn mentality where your firm is only a number. We have experience at the big legal marketing companies as well a boutique legal marketing firms, and decided to change the way digital marketing is done for law firms.  We have worked on over 500 legal  digital marketing campaigns in every part of the country for every practice area.  Whether you are divorce attorney in New York City, an accident lawyer in Los Angeles, or a criminal defense lawyer in Harrisburg, PA we can help your law firm succeed.  When your firm is promised more traffic or top rankings that is all well and good, but all that actually matters are qualified leads that convert into cases for your firm.   Your firm’s success is our success.  That is why we take a unique approach where Nova Zora Digital is an extension of your own business.  Think of us as your dedicated marketing arm of your business.  We take a unique approach to your business and create a unique value proposition where we not only bring you new cases, but develop your firm as thought leaders online leading to press exposure and in turn creating online credibility.   Learn more about our agency and what sets us apart from the rest.

Integrated Marketing Approach

Were not here to sell you on things you don’t need.  We audit your current digital marketing efforts and see what you’ve done right and what we may need help with.  Once an audit is completed we create a plan and establish goals to set up what success for your campaign looks like.  We are open and transparent in everything we do so your law firm’s online reputation and digital properties are always safe.  We are very open with our methodologies, one of which you can get a bit of insight in is how our onsite strategy is developed. We begin by reviewing historic analytics data  and look at your main competitors. We then compile a list of the most competitive searches for proposed landing pages. After this we begin an onsite strategy build out as well as research comprised of synonyms, close variants, term frequency – inverse document frequency, co-occurrence , and semantic distance relationships.  We do research around topics and themes and not only keywords because this casts a wider net for possibility of success.  We then decide how to segment the pages as well as look at entity salience.  When all of this is complete we begin to map terms, phrases, and topics by need states in a conversion funnel for awareness, familiarity, consideration, decision, and loyalty.  We balance terms to cover multiple types of searches and make sure to cover emotional triggers which resinate with potential clients.  And one of the final steps is we break down the target to a smaller level depending on the practice area on a segment, cohort, or persona level.  These are some of the steps of our proven on site strategy approach the has been carefully developed by our founder and CEO Roman Prokopchuk.  We continue to strive for begin up to date with all recent changes in the digital marketing ecosystem. All of our efforts work together to drive you not only more leads, but more qualified leads which are more likely to become lucrative cases.  We have the experience and knowledge to be the driving engine in growing your law firm.

About Roman Prokopchuk

Have been in the digital marketing vertical since 2009 in which I've helped hundreds of businesses and brands take their campaigns to the next level. Born in Lviv, Ukraine and currently reside in the New York tri-state area. Always glad to share my knowledge on all things digital.
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