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Number 1 Key To Success Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up

It may sound simple and a little cliche, but the most important thing you can do for yourself is not give up.  Especially during this holiday season.  The year is not over.  Don’t make those New Years resolutions yet, you still have a full month to fight for your dreams.  Do whatever it is you need to do to succeed in your personal and professional life.  Just keep pushing forward one step at a time.  On of the best sayings that you should envision every morning is conquer fear everyday.  Giving up is often times due to fear of failure, but blocking this out and going all in on whatever you are trying to do may be the difference between success and failure.

Professional Success

Regardless if you work for yourself or someone else you should keep your eyes looking forward.  If you are an employee strive to be an asset.  Demonstrate your value, assume more responsibility, and show that you care about the success of the company as it was your own.  Don’t look at others and what they are doing.  Go down your own path to success.  Not everyone has the same goals or definitions of success, so it is even more important to be on your own path.  Build your person brand. to increase your value and thought leadership.  Start a blog, host a networking event, do a webinar, have a video series, there are so many things you can do to increase your person brand.

You may be interested in starting your own business wether it is in marketing, e-commerce, brick and mortar, or anything else you will face many obstacles.   Many businesses fail, but the ones that make it always had someone that was willing to put it all on the line.   Find a way to make it because as they say nothing good comes with working for it.

Personal Success

To maintain and grow your personal relationship you need to put in time and effort.  If a family member is mad at you right or wrong make an action plan how to remedy whatever the issue may be.  Growing in anything takes time.  Your relationship may not be perfect but it is a lot better than giving up.


I don’t want to sound like I’m the guru of positivity, because I’ve been discouraged at times also.  But regardless of what the challenge I keep moving forward and you can do the same.

About Roman Prokopchuk

Have been in the digital marketing vertical since 2009 in which I've helped hundreds of businesses and brands take their campaigns to the next level. Born in Lviv, Ukraine and currently reside in the New York tri-state area. Always glad to share my knowledge on all things digital.
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