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Penguin 4.0 Helping SEOs & Fighting Negative SEO

Algorithm Now Devalues Links Instead Of Punishing Sites

Penguin 4.0 may be the most promising penguin update in terms of helping SEOs and fighting negative seo efforts. In the past, when it was determined manually or automatically that your site had a negative backlink profile you would receive a penalty and would have to wait for the next refresh or later on submitting link disavowal requests, that did not always work.  The algorithm now devalues links instead of punishing sites which is very important for the seo industry.  Instead of waiting  months for a resolution for a penalty, those links deemed  negative simply do not count.  This streamlines an easier path to get a website on track to success instead of keeping it a watch and wait game as in the past.

Penguin Is Now Part Of Google’s Core Algorithm

No more waiting around for general updates or recovery.  This new update injects penguin into Google’s core algorithm so any triggers are applied real time.

The Probability Of Negative SEO is Reduced

With sites not getting punished for low quality efforts that often are performed to game the system, the links will be devalued which takes away any possible unfair boost.  This is also two fold with not having to wait for a penalty to be lifted for an effort you were not in control of.  Google now devalues spam by adjusting ranking according to spam signals, and does not have to devalue an entire site.  Penguin can now sniff out spammy links and devalue them on a page level.

Doing Things The Right Way

SEO has been plagued over the years with agencies and individuals using spammy offsite efforts to gain the system.  Now a lot of that low quality spam can be removed and true seo remains.  For more tips and help with your seo and other digital marketing efforts contact Nova Zora Digital today.

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