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Ways Sports Teams Can Create Immersive Experiences For Fans

Sports Teams Can Create More Personal Experiences With Fans

As everyone may know at this point, the Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl.  They couldn’t of done it without their fans.  In any sport, the fan is the lifeline of a team.  They can turn the tide of a game and influence personnel changes.  Some teams do a really great job to engage with their fan base and further grow it. Some teams can do a better job with a few easy additions to there digital marketing strategy.

Live Streaming on Social Platforms

Not everyone can make the Philadelphia Eagles parade, so what better way to have fans be there is live stream the parade on all available social platforms.  You will want to focus mainly on Facebook & Instagram.  Simply stream the event, and if you can put a unique spin to make fans feel like they are really there.  Stream from the floats, from the stage, get individual player cuts with commentary, and try to engage by answering any questions that may be coming in.

Facebook Watch

Becoming a creator via Facebook Watch can position a team to get even more personal with fans.  The content concept can vary from inside the looker room, travel with the team, the team off the field, or anything else that may paint a light of a team and players that may not normally be seen.

360 Video

If a fan can’t make it to a the game bring the unique experience of being in the stadium and on the field.  Why not provide a immersive and interactive experience.

Filters on Platforms Like Snapchat and Instagram.

What better way for a fan to show their spirit then adding a filter to a image or video clip.  Add backgrounds or transform yourself into a team mascot.  Creating instant branding opportunities through thousands of your fans.

Instagram Stories

The attention span of people is very short when it comes to digital media.  You have a limited amount of time to convey what you are trying to get across.  With stories you can format quick visual messaging to reach your fans.  You can even penetrate past your existing fans to new ones, by adding location tags and hashtags to your stories.  Up until recently stories only had a life cycle of 24 hours.  Now you are able to save and feature stories under specific headings on your account.  You can have a bucket for players, coaches, staff, charitable events, and the list of ideas is endless.

VR Experiences

Even though virtual reality is still in its infancy.  There are a lot a sports team can do to stay ahead of the game .   Imagine if you can relive this past Superbowl as your favorite player on the field.  Running the same plays helping your team win.  Making the fan as close as they can get to contribute in the teams win.


With new emerging technologies coming out constantly, the way you can connect with fans will become more and more personal.  The platforms and technologies will continuously change, but you still will have to come up with the creative ideas for your overall strategies to succeed.

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